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Ultimate Longevity Support
Subcutaneous Injection
  • Epitalon Injection (5 x 1ml Pre-Filled Syringes)
  • Epitalon Micro (30 Capsules)

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide that has been considered the ‘Fountain of Youth’ due to its potential anti-aging and health-promoting properties. It works to enhance longevity by improving sleep quality, immune system functionality, preventing age-related diseases and increasing the body’s resistance to emotional stress.

  • Injury Repair + Recovery
  • Injury Repair + Recovery
  • Longevity + Wellness
  • Longevity + Wellness
  • Mood + Sleep + Cognitive
  • Mood + Sleep + Cognitive
  • Sexual Performance
  • Sexual Performance
  • Supplements

Potential Benefits of Epitalon

  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Support + Lengthen Healthy Telomeres
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Increase Resistance to Emotional Stress
  • Regulate Telomerase Activity to Reduce Age-Related Slowing of Metabolism
  • Delay + Prevent the Onset of Age-Related Diseases


Epitalon, also known as Epithalon or Epithalamin, is a synthetic peptide consisting of four amino acids (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly). It has been studied for its potential anti-aging and health-promoting properties, gaining significant interest for its purported ability to modulate various physiological processes and potentially promote longevity.

Epitalon is believed to exert its effects through several mechanisms, including the regulation of telomerase activity and the protection of telomeres. Telomeres are protective caps on the ends of chromosomes that shorten with each cell division and are associated with ageing and age-related diseases.
Epitalon has been suggested to activate telomerase, an enzyme that can lengthen telomeres, thus potentially promoting cellular longevity and slowing the ageing process.

Further to this, Epitalon may influence the production and secretion of melatonin, a hormone involved in regulating the sleep-wake cycle and various physiological functions, including antioxidant activity and immune function. By modulating melatonin levels, epitalon may contribute to its anti-aging and health-promoting effects.


  1. Anti-Aging Properties: Epitalon’s purported ability to regulate telomerase activity and protect telomeres has led to interest in its potential anti-aging effects, including the promotion of cellular longevity and the mitigation of age-related processes.
  2. Immune System Modulation: Epitalon may influence immune function, potentially contributing to a more balanced and responsive immune system.
  3. Neuroendocrine Regulation: Epitalon’s proposed impact on melatonin levels could have implications for sleep quality, circadian rhythm regulation, and overall neuroendocrine balance.

Dosing + Administration


Administer 1ml via intramuscular injection once every three days for fifteen days, with a total of five injections per course. 

Please note, due to the dosing schedule, Epitalon (injectable) can only be taken once every six months.

Epitalon Micro

Take one capsule, Monday to Friday every second week. One bottle is formulated to last 3 months.

Australian Made
Scientifically Formulated
Australian Made
Scientifically Formulated
Australian Made
Scientifically Formulated

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WARNING: Do not use this product if you have any allergies to active or inactive ingredients. Consult a health care practitioner for prolonged use or if you are taking any medications, have any medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please read the label and use only as directed, if you are unsure if this product is right for you please contact us.

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