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  • Australian OWNED + OPERATED
  • Formulated by OUR medical professionals
  • Partnered with Australian compounding pharmacies
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients

What is a Pre-Medical Screening?

In order to explore our medical solutions, all patients must complete our pre-medical screening questionnaire. This online pre-medical assessment involves a series of goal-specific and medical-based questions. Once completed, our Medical Team and Doctors assess your information to construct a personalised and informative treatment plan.

Our process ensures the efficacy of prescriptions and fosters an ongoing doctor to patient relationship. Prescribed products can offer a range of potential benefits and outcomes, and therefore need to be prescribed to the right patients. The Pre-Medical Screening and Treatment Plan process allows our Medical Team and doctor to make informed recommendations and prescriptions.
Integrative medical solutions

Focused on Health + Wellness

We specialise in providing integrative medical solutions to help our patients reach their optimal performance for the following categories:
  • Weight Loss
  • Longevity + Wellness
  • Injury Repair + Recovery
  • Mood + Sleep + Cognitive
  • Muscle Development + Support
  • Immunity + Detox + Gut Health
  • Sexual Performance
Our Difference

Why trust us?

Australian owned and operated company, based in Queensland. With our compounding pharmacies located in Adelaide and Melbourne.
Our highly experienced medical team is committed to delivering innovative health and wellness solutions to patients remotely.
All our partnered pharmacies are strictly regulated by Australian standards to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and compounded in the most sterile environments.
Our products are compounded using only the highest quality raw ingredients. We choose to use highly bioavailable nutrients to provide better absorption and results.


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In order to browse our full range of products, you will need to register online and become a patient. This is in accordance with TGA guidelines, and ensures the efficacy of your prescription.

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